Christan Burial Board to convert Burial Cemetry of Circular Road into Historic monument, locals creates ruskus

The struggle to transform Mullick Bazar located Burial Cemetry on Circular Road into a Historic monument continues. Spread on 77 acre land it’s premises is divided into two parts for construction of road .While the bigger part is spread on 75 acre the remaining part is spread on 3 acre . The Cemetry was constructed in the year 1840 which was then spread on 95 acre land.
Total 12 thousand bodies have been dumped in the ground out of which twelve are of known personality. Christian Cemetry wants to convert it into a historic monument and want to make it a tourist spot.
“This Cemetry is about 168 years old , one of the reason why it should be converted into historic monument is it’s electronic cremotarium”, said A.K.Biswas Secretary the board.
This kind of sytem is only available in two places globally. On is in France and another one is in Kolkata . While board wants to change it to a tourist spot locals in the area have been protesting against it.
In1840 it was constructed only for Christans . The body of this electronic crematorium is made up of iron and is coated with fire clay so that it doesn’t burn.

The structure of electric crematorium is made of iron and fire clay has been installed inside it which does not burn in the fire. There is a structure in front of the Cremetorium, which has rollers on it, and there is a rail sheet in the crematorium to insert the dead body.

Sheets are dragged to the roller and deadbodies are placed on top of the crematorium. Along with this, small size holes are made on the wall of the Crematorium to see how much the dead body has been burnt.
To burn the dead bodies, the crematorium has gas pipes inside it. In order to prevent the gas from spreading, a suction pipe is installed which pulls out the gas through Chimney.
“The Cremetorium was jointly commissioned by the municipal Corporation and Christian Boral Board and the gas was supplied from Dankuni for burning the body”, Says Biswas. However , Since 1978 this has never been used. In the same year a deadbody was brought for last rights . While the body was being burnt, the supply of gas stopped suddenly due to which the dead body could only be burnt partially. This incident created a big controversy and since then the Electric Crematorium is not in use.
“The Board wants to repair it and make it a center for tourists, but the local people are not letting this happen”, allege Biswas. In 2014, the government had agreed to repair it. The plan was passed and the work was also started.
“The government first wanted to make a dead house like a Peace Haven. After the construction of the mortal house, the whole area was to be rennovated”, he said

But some the locals came to know about Governments plan and hundreds of women started demonstrating and created a ruckus. They didn’t want a peace Haven there. The government had to withdraw its project.
Since, then whenever Government tries to rennovate the premises the locals start demonstrating.
Now some buildings have come up in the area where the slum people used to live. The same people were shifted to these building.

Now People staying in these building throw all their waste material into the peace haven.
Once the entire cemetery was cleaned by the board. During this time waste materials full of several trucks were taken out and removed.

“The area was cleaned but still the locals continued to throw garbage there.
some miscreants sneak inside the cemetery in the darkness of night and often destroy the properties of the house”, said Biswas. There are many sculptures in the cemetery, the miscreants have destroyed Several properties.

                                                                         Mickel Madhusudan Dutta 1873

Few famous people who bodies have been kept here are 

  1. Sir William Casment 1844
  2. Henry Whitelock Torens 1852
  3. Henry Hover Lok 1885
  4. Jewels Henry Jin Skomburg 1886
  5. Mickel Madhusudan Dutta 1873
  6. Charles FrerAndreuz 1940
  7. Lejli Cludiyas 2012
  8. Nil O Brion 2016
  9. John Elliot Drinkwater Bethun 1851

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